Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pieces of Innocence photos for sale on eBay!

Alright! There's been a lot of talk about exhibits and all but never have each of the 16 photos actually been shown here. That is changing RIGHT NOW. For the first time, you can now see the photos that are on display at the Department of Foreign Affairs in Ottawa until October 31, online! I'm pretty excited about this. Are you?

Each photo you see in this post is being auctioned on eBay. If there's one that interests you, you should click on it. This will lead you to the auction page where you can learn more about the individual photograph and place a bid!

The auctions will run until the end of the exhibit on October 31.

Proceeds from the sale of these photos will go back towards youth projects in Western Kenya which is pretty awesome. This is a unique opportunity for you to play a part in making a difference in the lives of Kenyan children!

Boy against a wall. Blaise Omondi, 12-years-old.

Walking at the primary school. Christopher Omondi, 10-years-old.

Multipurpose building at the orphanage. Christopher Omondi, 10-years-old.

My friend laughing. Damacrine Kwamboka, 10-years-old.

Hide and Seek. Damacrine Kwamboka, 10-years-old.

My hand in Lake Victoria. Dennis Mukwa, 10-years-old.

Self-Portrait. Dennis Mukwa, 10-years-old.

Moments from the water. Felix Ojuang, 9-years-old.

Walking at the orphanage. Felix Ojuang, 9-years-old.

Mary Claire in class. Felix Omondi, 8-years-old.

Friends at school. Felix Omondi, 8-years-old.

AIDS - Where did you come from? Grace Awuor, 9-years-old.

My friends in the truck. Grace Awuor, 9-years-old.

Mary Vivian. Lorine Akinyi, 12-years-old.

Joy shows off a doll. Mary Claire Auma, 9-years-old.

My sister and friends. Mary Claire Auma, 9-years-old.

Awesome photos right? These kids all worked really hard and I miss them so much. It's amazing to me that their work has come this far. So proud. SO PROUD!

There's more going on with Piga Picha and Pieces of Innocence too. Joanna and Alyssa have started a similar workshop at Regent Park Public School in Toronto. Alyssa and Catherine are planning an exhibit in Toronto and Jenny's got things rolling in North Bay. Exciting times for us. Exciting times for the Tumaini Children's Project.

Thanks to everyone for their support and for reading this blog to follow our progress! xox

Also, shout out to MoreTimeMoms, GPC Labworks and Michelle's FrameMaker and Gallery. Huge support. HUGE!

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